Sports effect on Human Health

In  a 2017 survey, 19% respondents tended to agree that their engaging with sportsand physical activity can improve their physical appearance.

Ourhealth is elderly dependent upon psychological benefits of sports and physicalactivities. Playing sports can hardly effect our psychological and physicalhealth as it frees our mind from unusual thoughts and grab our attention fromhectic routine or our daily life problems. It also overcome our health relatedissues.

Sports effect on Human brain

Participationin sports and extra co-curricular activities may protect children from poormental health in adulthood. As sports often view as good impression on humanhealth. Participating in games usually in teenage years was a statisticallypredicator of lower depression symptoms, lower perceived stress and poor mentalhealth.

Physicalactivities and sports can increase the blood flow to the brain. A University ofKansas study concluded that students who participate in games andco-curricular activities can have ten percent sharper mind then other students.The authors of this study talk about endorphins. So here the question arises,what actually endorphins are? The word endorphins derived from two words,“endogenous” (which means coming from the body) and “morphine” (means the painreliever). These actually are a group of peptides that are produced by ourpituitary gland and central nervous system during physical activity. Endorphins helps human brain toreduced depression and anxiety. It also helps to improve self-esteem andenhance our immune system.

Sports effect on Physical health

Adults who stop participating in sports reducetheir physical activity and have health risks equal to people who have neitherdone sports nor been physical.Healthy aging is dependent on many factors, such as the absence ofdisease, good physical and mental health, and social commitment (especiallythrough team sports or group activities).Increased morbidity with age may bepartly linked to decreased physical activity. According to a research, 60% people agreedthat sports and physical activities had a strong effect on cardiac health. Exercisecounters depression by promoting healthy activity in the brain, such as neuralgrowth, reduced inflammation, and new activity patterns that promote feelingsof calm and well-being.

According to a survey in America,participation in physical activities and sports should highly recommended amongpeople of all ages for health promotion and diseases prevention.

 SportsHealth benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important rolein healthy life. Vitamin D deficiency is very common in athletes that resultsin diagnosis of stress fracture, musculoskeletal pain and frequent illness.

VitaminD sufficiency and optimal muscle function had a strong link that results inreducing inflammation, muscle protein synthesis ATP concentration, strength,jump height, jump power, exercise capacity and physical performance. Sufficiency of vitamin D in the outdoor games or activitiesfor fall and winter season were 23.7 and for indoor games and activities weremeasured as 29.1 respectively.

Such vitamins andminerals necessary for sports performance are yolk, milk, salmon, cheese,cereals, yogurt etc.


Sports effect onhuman brain and physical health are more linked with each other. Sports andphysical activities had a strong impact on your psychological and physicalhealth. Those people who participate in sports and physical activities inadulthood are more successful in their life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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